How we helped a global pharma leader revolutionize cancer support through a comprehensive digital program.
Revolutionizing cancer support through a comprehensive digital program.

In collaboration with our client - a top 10 pharmaceutical brand, Appnovation embarked on a groundbreaking journey to create a digital program that goes beyond medicine in support of our client's mission to end cancer as a cause of death.

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When individuals face a cancer diagnosis, they are often inundated with questions and uncertainties. Dr. Google and the TikTok Doc can lead to more fear and doubt, leaving patients without a clear path for managing their condition. Extensive research insights demonstrated that patients who receive emotional support are more likely to remain committed to their treatment.


Appnovation, in close partnership with our client, conducted comprehensive research involving patients, caregivers, and healthcare professionals to design a solution that was rooted in their needs. The research underscored a significant gap in emotional support during early diagnosis—questions like "Who do I turn to?" and "How do I cope with the diagnosis and pain?" loomed large. Furthermore, nurses emerged as the most trusted figures for emotional support and day-to-day guidance.


The comprehensive support program, a result of Appnovation's collaboration with our client, was developed to transform patient access to cancer information and emotional support. 

What sets this program apart and makes it a vital resource?

Research-Based: Appnovation supported our client in collaborating closely with patients, caregivers, and nurses to create a trusted source for emotional support during cancer diagnosis and management.

Emotional Support: The program provides completely unbranded, unbiased articles that address the most frequently asked questions, such as coping with a cancer diagnosis, managing pain, and discussing it with others.

Inspiring: Unlike typical medical websites, the comprehensive support program employs a motivational tone and is written at a 4th-grade level to ensure patients and caregivers can easily understand their condition and know what steps to take next.

Personalized: The program simplifies the process for healthcare professionals, allowing them to share personalized content packages with their patients. This empowers individuals to access the most relevant information quickly, reducing the need to sift through the vast internet or social media.


Early analytics and feedback from healthcare professionals have been nothing short of outstanding:

Website Performance: Audiences are not just visiting but also staying on the site, with an impressive bounce rate of only 15%, a significant improvement compared to the industry standard of 60%. Additionally, users are spending over 2 minutes on the site, engaging with multiple resources. These metrics far surpass industry averages and have exceeded expectations following the site's redesign, showcasing its effectiveness compared to the previous version.

HCP Engagement: Healthcare professionals actively use the program, with early analytics indicating that they share it with at least three unique patients.

Community Adoption: Test audiences and early analytics demonstrate that the cancer community has embraced the support program as an integral part of cancer management.

Omnichannel Excellence: Appnovation's collaboration with our client resulted in the program becoming a central hub, fostering collaboration across different business units. This streamlined the creation of sub-pages, content additions, and maximized the efficiency of media and promotional plans, leading to a 50% reduction in costs and time for new business units.

*Disclaimer: Images used are real testimonials from user interviews but do not depict the actual individuals interviewed.

Appnovation is driven by a mission to create purposeful digital solutions that deliver tangible impact today while laying a strong foundation for future growth. In partnership with one of the top 10 pharmaceutical brands, the solution created embodies this mission, providing meaningful support to patients and healthcare professionals, and contributing to our clients mission and goals.

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