Business Challenge

Nvidia Corporation is an American global technology company based in Santa Clara, California. Nvidia manufactures graphics processing units (GPUs), as well as the manufacture of system-on-a-chip units (SOCs) for the mobile computing market. Nvidia Research explores challenging topics on the frontiers of visual, parallel, and mobile computing. Their work spans many domains, including computer graphics, physical simulation, scientific computing, computational photography, programming languages, circuit design, and computer architecture. 

Looking to migrate the company’s academic programs content, a showcase of researchers and partner academic institutions, they needed a solution, and a team capable of delivering it, quick. 

Our Approach

When it comes to Drupal, Appnovation can mix with the best, and for NVIDIA,  for that proven level of professional services delivery was a must. 

For Nvidia, the business situation was simple, and the project requirement clear: a swift, seamless, expertly delivered migration project, from an existing platform, to a new one. 

Customer Outcome

Rapid delivery was required, and we provided Nvidia with precisely that. With under a two month turnover, our team migrated Nvidia’s entire library of academic programs content from the existing research.nvidia.com to developer.nvidia.com. A rapid digital solution, a satisfied client. 


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