New York City Department of Transportation, NYC DOT

Business Challenge

In the city that never sleeps, mass transit doesn’t rest either. For the NYC transport department, having a digital experience that is as reliable as subways, trains and buses is equally important...a big experience for the Big Apple. 

New York City - Department of Transportation, one of the major hubs of mass transit. With a system that large, serving so many, having a streamlined, efficient, reliable online portal is not just important, it’s critical. 

Looking for a responsive, innovative, integrated digital platform, NYC Transportation chose Drupal, and selected Appnovation, the perfect combination of tech and talent. From design to development, our team was tasked with creating and delivering a digital experience worthy of a city that never it online, or offline. 

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

Mass transport is a critical part of keeping NYC running. For the transportation department, it’s not just about the roads and the tracks, the subways and buses, it’s about the online management of the entire system. The goal? Create a fully responsive design experience, using the finest elements of Drupal development, offering a seamless CMS for all users. The solution? Drupal, Appnovation, Action. 

When dealing with an organization as important as the NYC Transportation Department, delivery and results are key. After creating a bespoke design plan, our team set about developing a Drupal CMS, ensuring that the responsive website design elements were never compromised. From CMS to retina display, the client’s requirements were delivered, and a design and development experience delivered. Like the city itself, our team did not sleep until it was done. 

New York Department of Transportation