Pfizer Drupal Cookbook

Business Challenge

Pfizer was developing and deploying Drupal websites on a regular basis and working with multiple vendors to make this happen. However, there was no central repository for best practices and guidelines around the whole process; this is where the Drupal Cookbook was born to make sure their existing Drupal sites and any new or migrated sites followed best practices in terms of architecture and coding. The main challenges identified were maintaining consistency, quality, and efficiency.

Our Approach

Appnovation performed website code reviews on the existing Drupal websites. The structure was reviewed to assess the level of modularity, followed by Drupal best practices, and whether modules were used appropriately.

The Appnovation team developed a customized unique delivery system, the Drupal Launch Pad, a system to ensure that all content is managed and delivered in a dynamic way, can evolve with time, focused on promoting good decision making by all parties, and ensures guidelines are not only present during project initiation, but live throughout the entire project lifecycle.

The vision for the Cookbook is a launchpad which will be a single point of reference to find all the information necessary to design, develop, test, and deploy a Pfizer website. Key topics of the cookbook include:

  • Digital Web Asset Request Management    
  • Gallery of Existing Web Initiatives and Modules
  • Environment Setup    
  • Test Strategy, Test Plan, Test Report, Test Triage    
  • Deployment Checklist
  • Recommended Tools and Platform
  • Training Materials    
  • Success Criteria

Appnovation also provided documentation and guidance on any net new or migrated site to ensure consistency and quality. 

Customer Outcome

With their new Drupal Cookbook, Pfizer’s Business Transformation Leads have a system to help them work seamlessly together with third party vendors to deliver consistent, predictable and cost effective digital experiences.


# of sites created a week leveraging the cookbook


This has been the smoothest project I have worked on in my 5 years of digital at PCH! This is a result of the collective great efforts at Tribal to work closely with the business clients on the great design, and the excellent development / project management of Appnovation.

Paul Holda

Manager - Client Partner, Business Technology, Pfizer