Business Challenge

Pfizer, Inc. is one of the world's largest pharmaceutical companies, with a global portfolio including medicines, vaccines, and some of the world's best-known consumer healthcare products.  

Pfizer’s project strategy and goal was simple:  standardize all company web properties, using Drupal platforms, incorporating the Pfizer business technology unit’s requirement to migrate all PfizerPro microsites from the NetWeaver platform to Drupal. Simple in words, but development expertise required in practice. 

Our Approach

When a client has clear business objectives, the project is easily defined. For Pfizer, the requirement was standardizing web properties, using Drupal development, while migrating all Pfizer microsites across to the same platform. Creating all this with a responsive design, delivering a digital experience worthy of, and consistent with a global brand. 

The project saw the PfizerPro homepage and all 60 of its microsites migrated to Drupal. The project leveraged automated migration technology, which Appnovation developed in the POC. This allowed all sites to be migrated without requiring recertification by the compliance department.  

The second stage of the PfizerPro Drupal Migration Project was in migrating the US PfizerPro site over to the new responsive Global Template hosted on Drupal. The purpose of this project was to implement the new PfizerPro design for the main PfizerPro website, using the new Advanced Template. 

Customer Outcome

With a consistent on-brand experience, healthcare professionals are easily able to find information on Pfizer medicines and useful resources and support related to medical conditions. Tailored to individual roles, the PfizerPro site provides a personalized experience and access to the newest knowledge and medical resources. 


microsites migrated to one cohesive digital platform.

Pfizer Pro