Business Challenge

Salesforce is a global cloud computing company headquartered in San Francisco, California. Though best known for its CRM product, Salesforce has also expanded into the ‘social enterprise arena’ through acquisitions. 

Salesforce was replacing their legacy point-to-point integration originally written with Oracle BPEL to take advantage of multipoint integrations with MuleSoft.

Our Approach

During the project, Appnovation included a mandatory end-to-end (e2e) test be written which did not mock any endpoints or data. Rather, it would write or update data in a source system, then watch one or more target systems to verify the changes made in the source were accurately reflected in the target.

It would track a single record across all integrations so changes could be reviewed in the log files by tracking it with Splunk. The architecture was a publish-subscribe set up, meaning that a publisher could read from a source system, then publish records to a RabbitMQ exchange.

Subscribing flows were set up to listen to various queues, and the RabbitMQ exchange would facilitate routing messages to these queues. In this way, multiple subscribers could listen for changes in a source system, and publish those changes to target systems.

Customer Outcome

Appnovation’s expert team were also able to offer an innovative tracking and logging system that would work asynchronously (and nearly invisibly), so the developers would have very little work to do to in terms of integrating this tool. Ultimately, we delivered a successful project, overcoming any obstacles and challenges, and ensuring visibility for, and collaboration with the client from start to finish.


largest software company in the world.