Business Challenge

Samsung represents both quality and innovation, a global company, with a global reputation for their products. Maintaining every aspect of that brand reputation is critical, and delivering a digital experience is part of it, with sales and engagement capabilities at the forefront. 

Samsung’s goal? To create the KNOX container, allowing work files and applications to be securely segregated from personal correspondence on employee mobile devices.

Our Approach

For Samsung, their overriding goal was to deliver the Samsung KNOX project. With the appropriate design, development and integration, as well as cross-platform functionality, files and applications needed to be segregated. Ultimately, Samsung needed a feature rich site, with integrated, cross-platform functionality,  allowing their companies to effectively, seamlessly, and safely separate personal from professional files. 

With data protection so critical, there was no room for error, with Samsung demanding the best. 

To address Samsung’s business needs, Appnovation created a Drupal-based architecture to support web publishing and user management for Samsung KNOX. Appnovation implemented caching layers using Drupal, Memcached, Varnish, and Amazon CloudFront CDN while optimizing site performance. The architecture was integrated with existing systems by passing user and company parameters from Drupal. The website is multi-lingual and offers single sign-on capabilities across four services.

Customer Outcome

The new KNOX site provides users the freedom to work and play how, where, and when you want. Samsung KNOX consists of a highly secure platform built into Samsung devices and a set of cross-platform mobile solutions with functionality and integration. 


languages supported.