State of Iowa

Business Challenge

When you’re dealing with a state nicknamed “The Hawkeye State”, you need to keep a keen eye on the project. Integration, development, support and streamlining, Iowa State was ready for a solution.

Iowa, “the Hawkeye State” with a State workforce in need of a new digital platform solution.  For this project, the technological integration and innovation was for the ‘Workforce Development’ tea, which links job placement and skill development into a system of lifelong learning and opportunity.

Including a resource platform for the use of employees, and the benefit of all Iowans, this was all about streamlining, integration, support and processes. Step forward Appnovation, with a digital solution where Drupal meets Alfresco.

Our Approach

The State of Iowa had an online issue that required a multi-layered solution, which was where our technological innovation came to the fore; Needing a platform where, through resources and services created for employers, employees, and the unemployed, Iowans could take control of their economic future and the security of their families, the need was for development and integration. 

Appnovation worked with the team a the Iowa Workforce Development to developed a Winter Utility Support Program, while also  demonstrating a Drupal/Alfresco integrated site that would streamline their processes and workflow. With this done, the Drupal/Alfresco integration was on the starting blocks, and ready to redress the technology issues with a digital solution delivery. 

Customer Outcome

Providing the Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) with a proof of concept (POC) implementation for the Winter Utility Support Program was stage one of this project. Our digital solutions team demonstrated a Drupal/Alfresco integrated site, equipped to streamline their internal processes and overall workflow. Showcasing process improvements, workflow upgrades, and integration across the board, this was a true digital solution for a real business problem. 

Our development solution?  The POC using Drupal for its presentation layer and UI, alongside an Alfresco repository to store user profiles, documents and files. Integration and innovation in perfect harmony. This concept won Appnovation the Alfresco Partner of the Year award. 

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 State of Iowa