Sutter Health

Business Challenge

Sutter Health is the 4th largest healthcare provider in the United States.

Sutter’s R&D team had a goal: to architect, design and develop their ‘Patient Object Model’ (POM). Designed to streamline multiple silos within their existing IT ecosystem, and consisting of different software applications. Ultimately, they were looking to deliver streamlined processes for each functional area of the healthcare system. So, it was time for healthcare triage. 

Our Approach

With a publically-accessible homepage we created a registration and credential portal, incorporating  maximum security as well as a user-friendly access. Our digital solution included information collection integration, from the directory, and subject to further approval, developing a more secure platform. With the platform intended to share expertise and stories, submit topics, conduct active conversations and stay informed about events and jobs, complex functionalities were integrated.  

The Proof of Concept for the POM uses MuleSoft to create a central enterprise integration layer, allowing the various systems used by associated hospitals, medical practitioners, pharmacies, etc. to seamlessly interact in unison.

Customer Outcome

Design and development, alongside digital strategy and consulting, made this a multi-layered project. Integration of existing IT ecosystem functionality was dovetailed with an innovative digital solution, delivering both complex but user-friendly features, as well as a multi-platform design experience.

The business is to bring the focus of healthcare back to the patient with more responsive, coordinated and effective care without being constrained by technology systems.


doctors partner with Sutter Health to care for more than 3 million people.

Sutter Health