Business Challenge

Who are TriNet? A cloud-based strategic partner to small/medium sized businesses in the core services of payroll, health benefits, and employment law, looking to provide companies with strategic, empowering solutions. With their the business requiring a number of software integrations, across multiple services and platforms, the need for a digital solution was paramount. Through design, development, and seamless integration, TriNet were looking to  modernize and future-proof their IT ecosystem. That’s where we came in.

TriNet needed a digital solution, to create a transformation in their HR IT ecosystem. With MuleSoft APIs, multiple platform integrations, and a need to create a scalable, future-proofed platform, the project was both in-depth and large-scale. Our team collaborated with the client, to set out a path to results through technological innovation, delivering a great digital experience. 

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

When we were asked to deliver a digitally transformative solution, we worked closely with their team to ensure a full and clear set of requirements.  As a  large-scale legacy modernization project, deploying using MuleSoft APIs, the work both modernized and future-proofed the client’s Integration capabilities, and with design, development and MuleSoft elements, the digital transformation was completed.