University of Phoenix

Business Challenge

Founded in 1976 and offering its first online courses in 1989, The University of Phoenix educates more than 100,000 students out of 40 campuses and online.

The University of Phoenix was looking to build an internal site to connect students and faculty and allow them to send and receive articles and messages for their courses.

Our Approach

Appnovation created a support portal for sharing information, creating a mobile friendly eCampus called "IT Central", allowing users to send and receive articles and messages for their courses, and also integrates the use of Google Analytics to determine what to display in the content, to provide its users with personalized information. After working closely with UOPX’s stakeholders, it was concluded that the site needed to comply with ADA (American Disabilities Act) in terms of its web accessibility. 

The development team went through and ensured that there was compliance in areas such as the site’s images and headers. Additional visual checks included testing for navigation to ensure that the website’s menus could be completely tabbed though, from left to right, and top to bottom. Visual contrast testing was also performed on the website to meet with ADA compliance. In the end, the Ask Cynthia tool was used to scan through the site pages to again check for compliance and generate reports.

Customer Outcome

University of Phoenix makes it easier for students to connect with the services that already exist on campus, giving them access to valuable resources in inclusive, inviting ways, preparing them for a career by getting a degree that can impact their life, family and future. Additionally this eCampus experience was also made to be ADA compliant to conform to WCAG 2.0 AA standards for accessibility.


# of students enabled on the eCampus "IT Central"

University of Phoenix