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Candidate Tracker App

FOX News Candidate Tracker App is a website dedicated to providing readers with today's top stories as well as political news and entertainment. Owned by News Corp., also offers live coverage of major news events, lifestyle tips and magazine style guides. Appnovation worked in partnership with Google to create the Fox News Candidate Tracker application. Developed using HTML5 and JavaScript, the web application allows users to track the scheduled campaign events of the 2012 presidential candidates for the Democratic and Republican parties throughout the year. Leveraging the Google Maps and Google Calendar applications, users can search by zip code and city and view the full day's agenda for both parties' candidates for a particular date. Settings allow for both or single party tracking and the ability to highlight "battleground states" on the map.

web application
Google app
Project Highlights
  • Partnered with Google to deliver
  • Click on a candidate to see event details and photos from Fox News’ embedded reporters
  • Fully functional calendar and agenda view gives you the rundown of events
  • Search events by zip code to look up events in your area
  • Highlight battleground states to see each team’s strategy in the swing states
  • HTML5
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