Time Inc.

Digital Content Management System

Time Inc. Digital Content Management System

Time Inc. is one of the largest media companies in the world reaching more than 130 million people globally each month across multiple platforms. They run a total of 24 magazine titles as individual properties on the web. These sites are overseen by a multitude of editorial staff and, over the years, the editorial UI became an amalgamation of custom integrations between Vignette, Wordpress and their homegrown TIPS CMS. The architecture was becoming cumbersome and creating a number of issues.

Over a span of 18 months Time Inc. made a tremendous investment in Drupal to be the core of their DCMS. With Appnovation, they developed a large infrastructure around managing editorial Drupal sites and integrated Drupal into their legacy systems.

Time Inc., Drupal
Drupal, Digital Content Management System
Project Highlights
  • Custom DCMS allows for form navigation, entity referencing, image cropping & editing, editorial search, and dashboard
  • Time to transition all 24 titles to Drupal using DCMS
  • Developed a custom designed Editorial UI for editorial staff to access on their smartphones or tablets
  • Project presented at DrupalCon Austin
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