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Drupal Alfresco Integration

Drupal Alfresco Integration & Development POC

Iowa Workforce Development links job placement and skill development into a system of lifelong learning and opportunity. Through resources and services created for employers, employees, and the unemployed, Iowans can take control of their economic future and the security of their families. 

Appnovation provided Iowa Workforce Development (IWD) a proof of concept (POC) implementation for the Winter Utility Support Program demonstrating a Drupal/Alfresco integrated site that would streamline their processes and workflow. The POC uses Drupal for its presentation layer and UI over top of an Alfresco repository to store user profiles, documents and files.

State of Iowa
Alfresco Integration, Alfresco development
Project Highlights
  • Alfresco Partner Award for Biggest Deal 2014
  • Drupal / Alfresco Integrated Site
  • Uses Drupal as presentation layer & UI
  • Uses Alfresco as repository to store user profiles, documents and files
  • Alfresco
  • Drupal
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