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Viakoo Mobile App Development

Viakoo is the leading industry solution for managing quality of service for video surveillance infrastructure. Viakoo, Inc. was looking to create a mobile version of their web-based application so users could receive and view real-time data and notifications on their mobile devices. Appnovation was selected for this project for their expertise in mobile application development.

The project utilized the PhoneGap framework, which allowed the project team to create mobile applications on iOS and Android using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3 instead of platform-specific API’s. PhoneGap framework was chosen because there is only one codebase, providing consistency of look, feel and functionality between the different platforms. This also reduced the development time required, and simplifies maintenance and future upgrades.

A notable challenge with this project was the announcement of Apple’s new iOS8. The project team had identified the risk of incompatibility with the new OS, and had developed and tested the iOS mobile application using Apple’s iOS8 gold master release build. As a result, the Viakoo mobile application was released prior to the official release of iOS8, and became one of the first mobile applications supported on the new OS.

The project was completed in less than one month, and the iOS and Android applications have been published in iTunes and Google Play respectively.

HTML5 mobile app, phonegap mobile app
iOS development, HTML5 development
Project Highlights
  • PhoneGap technology used for platform consistency and reduced development time
  • Built for iOS & Android platforms
  • iOS8 compatible- even though the application was created before the official launch of the new iOS8
  • Project executed in under one month
  • HTML5
  • iOS
  • Android
  • PhoneGap
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