3 Appnovator Sessions Accepted for DrupalCon Dublin

July 25
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DrupalCon Dublin is right around the corner and we're proud to say that 3 sessions submitted by Appnovators have been accepted!

This will be the first European DrupalCon since the release of the Drupal 8 project this previous November. Organizers are anticipating some of the best sessions, keynotes, and birds of a feather (BOF) roundtable discussions yet. In addition to sharing the latest Drupal knowledge, the planning team is also committed to sharing more and better sessions about getting off the island.

As a team, we had 7 sessions submitted for this Con, but knew that the Program Team had their work cut out for them with a record-breaking submission count for a European Con - 621. Congrats to all 130 selections! Check out all the sessions here. 

The Community Keynote was also announced, with Eduardo García presenting: Around the Drupal World in 120+ Days. Eduardo has spent the last few months travelling around the globe, meeting many of the diverse and dynamic members of the Drupalverse. His keynote will cover 3 topics from his journey:

  • Link with the community - community engagement now, and how we can do better
  • Language barriers - making introductions to Drupal multilingual and accessible for people around the world
  • Being a "knowmad" - creating connections for people who travel to different Drupal communities

Here are the 3 sessions we'll be presenting at DrupalCon Dublin:

Track: Coding and Development

Title: Composer Based Workflows for Drupal 8

Speaker: Kevin Moll 

One of the biggest changes in "Getting off the Island" with Drupal 8 is the adoption of Composer.  Composer lets us easily manage dependencies and pull useful functionality from other parts of the PHP community and utilize them in Drupal. It's now not only used to pull in outside libraries, but also can be used to pull in all your Drupal modules as well.

This session isn't just for big companies or expert composer users.  Everyone from small to large companies and beginners to experts will learn how they can leverage composer and build Drupal 8 workflows to easily mange and deploy code whether it be on a single site, or hundreds of sites.

Track: Core Conversations

Title: Workflow Initiative

Speaker: Tim Millwood

Announced at DrupalCon New Orleans by Dries, the Workflow Initiative is a planned Drupal 8 initiative to bring better content workflow tools into Drupal 8.2.0 and beyond.

At DrupalCon Dublin we will be days away from the 8.2.0 core release. This session will look at what we've been able to get into that release and how it plays with the contrib modules in this space.

Track: Site Building

Title: Enterprise Level Content Staging with Deploy

Speaker: Tim Millwood

Through Drupal 6, Drupal 7, and now Drupal 8, the Deploy module has been the best way to stage content between different environments.

Many of the underlying elements of Deploy are moving into core as part of the Workflow Initiative, this session will not delve into that, but it will look from a site builders point of view on how to configure and use these tools.


Appnovation is proud to be a Silver Sponsor of DrupalCon Europe, taking place September 26-30, 2016 at The Convention Centre Dublin, Dublin, Ireland. 

For more information and to register, click here.