Alfresco: Creating stable Drupal integrations using osCaddie

July 11
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Appno Blogger

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Using osCaddie, Alfresco is able to create a stable Drupal integration, based on the Content Mapping and SSO. The integration introduces web service interface for Alfresco to import all the desired content types from all linked Drupal sites into the repository as dynamic data model.

Once these content types are imported into Alfresco, other Drupal sites under osCaddie could easily map them from Alfresco into their own space. For the companies with multiple Drupal sites, when syncing is needed between these sites, osCaddie would be the perfect answer. With this integration, the functionalities like Versioning, Workflow within Alfresco would be shared with Drupal development. Another shining spot of the integration is SSO.

For companies with multiple Drupal & Alfresco sites, it’s quite common and useful to use centralized authentication system, especially when a company has a unique identification management system such as Active Directory, OpenLDAP, etc. osCaddie introduces the JASIG CAS for its SSO solution. osCaddie SSO would protect the desired web pages within Drupal and Alfresco sites. The end user needs to type user id and password one time, and access all the sites. Also, the end user clicks logout one time to sign out from all the sites.

If a company needs to leverage Alfresco development for Drupal, osCaddie would be the great solution.

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