When it comes to the Drupal community, it’s all about contributions and the communal effort to champion open source technologies. So, as Appnovation is joining forces with Wunderkraut Benelux, it is clear that both companies are committed to the advancement of Drupal. In terms of professional unions, it is one that offers propitious strategic advantages for both companies, their employees, and their clients.

One salient point with this joining of forces, is that Appnovation and Wunderkraut Benelux will be learning from each other, ensuring that this commitment, and their ongoing contributions to the Drupal community goes from strength to strength.

In terms of company missions, Appnovation and Wunderkraut Benelux are natural bedfellows, with their shared dedication to open source, making this a timely and propitious acquisition for Appnovation, and a positive move for Wunderkraut Benelux.

Everyone at Appnovation sees this move as a positive step forward, for everyone involved, and a great opportunity to dovetail the talent, and capabilities present and evident in both companies. For Wunderkraut Benelux, it will ensure that their capabilities and prowess gain a more global reach, as they come into the global fold of the Appnovation brand.

It also represents another way to further Appnovation’s commitment to Drupal, expanding further into Europe, with the existing reach of Wunderkraut Benelux’s portfolio of projects and clients. Naturally, our new colleagues at WunderKraut Benelux know that we will harness their expertise, and outstanding Drupal capabilities, which is why this creative, corporate marriage is such an optimistic one.

Though a leader in Drupal, Appnovation is more than just a one-technology company, and this will certainly present the opportunity to showcase the integration we do with other open source technologies.

The great news about this acquisition, is the fact that the Wunderkraut brand will not be diluted. As we strengthen our global presence, the expertise brought to the company by the talented team at Wunderkraut Benelux, not to mention their renowned, respected reputation in the European Drupal community, will be an invaluable asset to Appnovation.

For those who may not know, Appnovation was founded in Vancouver, B.C. in 2007, and now boasts over 200 employees worldwide.  Wunderkraut Benelux was founded as Krimson in 2007 and is part of the Wunder Group, a strategic collaboration between former NodeOne, Krimson, Mearra and Wunderkraut, all big names in the European Drupal community.

Over the last few years, Appnovation has been growing in Europe, and this move shows, once again, that we're committed to the European region, and our growth in this part of the world. With the acquisition of Wunderkraut Benelux, this growth can only be augmented, and, as well as both companies, the Drupal community will be a major beneficiary.

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