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March 28
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Since founding Appnovation 10 years ago, we've enjoyed both continued growth, and the ongoing evolution of who and what we are as a business. In the early stages of the company, we were a software development company focused around one technology, Drupal, the content management system which drove and defined what we delivered for our clients.

Today, I'm proud to say that our development stack is much more extensive, and now includes MuleSoft, Magento, Alfresco, HTML5, Atlassian software, and several more. Thanks to our ability to recruit some of the leading experts in these areas, we continue to go from strength to strength in terms of our development and delivery capabilities.

As we enter another new phase of our company’s evolution, we will fully embrace the notion that open technologies are what's defining and driving the digital development landscape.

Put simply, it’s all about Open Digital Delivered.


Appnovation is proud of openness as one of our core company values. We ensure that it’s evident in how we work with our employees, our clients, our partners and the global community.

We intend to use our strong open technology foundation as our platform, a position which will enable us to renew our focus on building great enterprise applications for our customers, using the full range and capabilities of the open technology stack.

Our aim is simple as well as being challenging (as we all know that complacency is no substitute for ongoing endeavor and innovation): to remain the leader in open technologies adoption, and to ensure that we’re there to guide our clients through the full technology lifecycle.


Appnovation has always had a strong UI/UX team. To highlight our ongoing commitment to this area of our business, we’re further strengthening our team. By bringing together our UI/UX, strategy and open technology expertise, we will augment our ability to guide our customers through the Digital Transformation process.

For several years now, we’ve helped many of our customers move towards enhanced Digital Platforms, with a focus on achieving tangible business goals. Through advanced analytics, customer experience management systems, and enterprise integration frameworks, we have shown our strength in this arena, working with entities as large as the UK government.

In the coming years, we are looking to further, and rapidly grow our Digital Transformation customer base, helping even more clients to achieve their goals.


With our strong emphasis on outstanding project delivery, it isn’t surprising that every ‘Appnovator’ is driven by a “we get the work done, and we do it well” attitude. It’s how we started our company, how we continue to grow it, and how it will always be.  

Quality service delivery is, and will always remain, a core part of our company’s aim and identity, it’s in the Appnovation DNA. Thanks to the launch of our Managed Services offering just two years ago, we have been able to continuously and significantly extend our capabilities in this field.

Appnovation now boasts services which include ongoing support and maintenance, to ensure that our customers have great application platforms, running 24/7, serving their needs consistently, without exception.