Appnovation's 1st Drupal Code Sprint Day


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November 30
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Director, Digital Solutions & Architecture

On November 19th, Appnovation held their 1st ever Drupal Code Sprint Day, another sign of Appnovation's strong commitment to the Drupal open source community. Appnovation has always focused on Drupal for the Enterprise - our way of contributing to Drupal by making sure the open source platform attains a solid reputation as an enterprise grade solution for web content management (CMS).

With this strategic goal well underway, it was time to switch the contribution efforts to the developer’s community level, by starting our own Code Sprint Day initiative. Being the first Appnovation Drupal Code Sprint Day with a voluntary employee participation, we needed to make sure the participants were set up for success and ready to sprint. Our team put together a "Drupal Contributor User's Guide", detailing the step by step process of searching the issue queue, cloning the module the participant wanted to work on, creating and submitting a patch, basically every task required to fix an issue up to the attribution credit for the credit system. Special thanks to Manuel Garcia for creating the document.

With the User's Guide ready and distributed to all participants, we proceeded to filter a list of outstanding Drupal 8 issues in the days leading up to Code Sprint Day. We decided to focus on Drupal 8 issues to give our Drupal developers a chance to get more familiar with Drupal 8 code, to develop a strong expertise in the modules we commonly use to build customer's solutions and, of course, to help Drupal 8 achieve a more stable state.

We had a total of 10 participants across our global office locations, starting in the UK and finishing Code Sprint Day in our Vancouver head office in a "follow the sun" style. Overall we tackled 14 different issues - some Appnovators decided to work on core, others chose their favourite contrib module or theme. Congrats to Kevin Moll and Robin Monks who both saw their Drupal 8 core patch committed!

Thank you to the organizing committee and everyone else involved in making this day happen! This was the first and certainly not the last Appnovation Code Sprint Day and one of the many ways Appnovation continues to contribute to the Drupal community.