Appnovator Spotlight: Richard Hales

September 18, 2017
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Content Marketing Manager

Who are you? What's your story? 

Richard Hales - "Talent Acquisition".

With 13 years in recruitment, working with some top global brands, hiring some of the best talent. I now use that experience and those connections to find the very best people for Appnovation

What's your role at Appnovation? 

Working in the UK, I am ideally placed to service Hong Kong, the UK and Belgium in finding the best talent available. I pride myself in going above and beyond to find the "right" person

What's the greatest lesson you've learned in your professional career (or even personal life) that you would like to share with others? 

Focus on what you have instead of what you don’t. Don't stress over the things you can't change or influence. Concentrate on elements you can impact through action, always strive for solutions.

What do you do outside of work? 

Outside of work?? ... Sleep lol

Where do you hope to take your career at this point/what's next for you in your professional career as a Talent Acquisition Specialist? 

I really enjoy having a front row seat in growing the business - finding the right talent. I hope to expand on my general HR toolset and aspire to "Senior Talent Acquisition"

***BONUS*** What is one fun/random fact about you that many may not know?

I once stuffed 48 Maltesers into my mouth...

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