Becoming a Champion Digital Financial Services Company

Nathan Gervais, Appnovation's Technical Director, recently joined a panel discussion at the Digital Marketing for Financial Services Summit to discuss how financial services providers can optimize CX and digital marketing initiatives as the world moves rapidly towards a technology-enabled future.

The panel discussed learning how to perfect your digital marketing strategy on a long-term basis by:

  • Breaking free from the boundaries of legacy technology and systems: to embrace new ways of thinking and strengthen relationships with customers
  • Aligning digital marketing to overall organizational transformation: to better meet the needs of an emerging financial services landscape
  • Identifying the critical measures, tools and technologies: to support you on your new digital journey

Take a look at some highlights from Gervais' insightful panel discussion alongside Elizabeth Walford from Clik2Pay, Eric Arnold from Planswell, and Tim Rickards from Hearsay.

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