MONDiversIT: Advice to Women in the Tech Industry

July 5
blog author


CSR Lead / Pre-Sales Coordinator

Last month, we held our women in tech and diversity focused event, MONDiversIT. Thirty-five ladies came together in Montreal to discuss issues that women are currently facing in tech and how women can empower themselves to overcome challenges in tech.

MONDiversIT was help in partnership with Unbounce and Lighthouse Labs, and as part of Appnovation’s Corporate Citizenship initiative.

If you missed the event, here were a few pieces of advice expressed by the panelists and attendees to women in the tech industry:

“The male/female ratio does not determine how good you are at your job.”

“You can be successful even if there is an uneven playing field. If you don’t like something, you don’t have to accept it.”

“There will always be other women and men willing to support you and help make things better. Choose your allies to make sure your voice gets heard.”

“It is ok to move on. Pick your battles and don’t let the system slow your growth or stop you from getting what you want and deserve."

We also held a recruitment tips session aimed at those looking to start their career in tech or switch to the tech industry.

You can read the tips that were shared here.