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osCaddie is Now Available on Drupal.org

By rmo
Dec. 12, 2013

It’s official! Our module for osCaddie Drupal Alfresco Integration is officially open to the public! You can now download the Development version directly from Drupal.org. In case you wonder what is osCaddie Drupal Alfresco Integration (or osCaddie for short), and what does osCaddie do? I’ve provided a snippet from the project description…

“osCaddie Drupal Alfresco is an integrated solution providing seamless communication between Drupal and Alfresco. Contents are synced with Alfresco whenever there is an update to content in Drupal, Alfresco will be updated. New content is created on Alfresco as soon as it is created on Drupal.”

[field_blog_inline_images:0|left]For the site administrators and/or content managers, this means that Alfresco can act as a centralized repository for all content. Drupal, thus, can serve as the entry point for content creation (since Drupal has a much more user-friendly interface for creating content than Alfresco) and for display. One of the best features of osCaddie is that it can connect multiple Drupal sites from different physical locations into a single Alfresco server.

In order to sync content from Drupal to Alfresco, it must converts the underlying data structure of Drupal into Alfresco. Having that in mind, osCaddie is designed to allow…

“… content-type mapping with Drupal and Alfresco, meaning a non-standard content-type (such as additional textfields, radio buttos, or checkboxes) can be used on Alfresco.”  

[field_blog_inline_images:1|left]The module allows any number of standard CCK fields such as text, textarea, select list, checkboxes, radio buttons, and date fields to be mapped into Alfresco with help from the osCaddie administrative interface to ease the mapping process. One of the marvels of osCaddie is that content-types can be synced back and forth between Drupal and Alfresco. You can create a content-type in Drupal, sync it into Alfresco, delete the content-type in Drupal, and have it restored from Alfresco. In fact, if more than one Drupal instances are connected with Alfresco and each has its own set of content-types, you can sync content-types across them all. This is truly a Special Feature unique to osCaddie!

The solution consists of a set of modules that are standalone and can be deployed to any new or existing Drupal instance. osCaddie Alfresco portion of the solution is compatible with Alfresco 3 and 4 community and enterprise. However, the current of version osCaddie Drupal is only available for Drupal 6. A version for Drupal 7 will be available in the near future.

Visit the osCaddie project on Drupal.org: https://drupal.org/project/osCaddie

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