Thinking Drupal 8? In this post, find resources for getting started.

 Resons to be exited about Drupal 8

  • Symfony2 as part of Core
  • Theming and Presentation Changes. Twig, HTML5
  • Improved Content Authoring Experience, Mobile-friendly
  • Improved Multilingual Support
  • RESTful web services
  • Configuration Management
  • Migration API
  • and many more

Resources that will help you get started with Drupal 8

For Drupal Themers

Theming in Drupal 8 - Conversion of themes to Twig - another practicle example of theming with Twig

Twigify - converts D7 phpTemplate themes into D8. I've attended a session about this module in DrupalCon Portland and it looks pretty interesting.

Looking at Drupal 8's JavaScript Changes - did you know that Backbone.js and Underscore.js are bundled into Drupal 8?

Twig, Drupal 8's New Theme Layer - an in-depth look at D8's theming changes (1hr video)

For Drupal Devs

A practical example for converting a Drupal 7 module to work with Drupal 8 -  hands-on tutorial

Drupal 8 Module Development - 3 part series

Drupal 8 Field API series - 4 part series

Creating Your First Simple Drupal 8 Module - 20min video

Configuration Management and Features: a look at Drupal 8

Drupalism - guide to transition from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 - step-by-step guide in building a website with Drupal 8

For Site Builders, Content Creators and Administrators

Tutorial: Drupal 8 Site Building preview - Less is more - from our partner Acquia

Getting your site ready for Drupal 8 - yet another great post from our partner Acquia

Multilingual Drupal 8 - an In-depth look into multilingual changes and features in D8

General D8 resources

Learning by Trial and Error - Installing and Touring Drupal 8 - 15 min video tour of D8

Great Resources for Learning Drupal 8 - a collection of articles and tutorials

Drupal 8 links & resources - a large collection of resources on Github

Keep up with developments

Drupal 8 Wins - a site that shows tweets hashtaged with D8

Follow Drupal8 News - on Twitter

This week in Core - check out what's happening in Core on a weekly basis

Take Drupal 8 for a spin

Take a moment to try Drupal8 by using

Get Involved

Drupal 8 already has 1700+ contributors! There are currently hundreds of modules being ported. Here are few ways you can get involved and here's how we're getting involved! 


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