Tim Millwood

Appnovator Tim Millwood, Senior Drupal Developer, sat down with Brian Lewis of ModulesUnraveled.com to talk Drupal and Composer on Episode 151: Using Composer to Build Drupal Sites Fast - Modules Unraveled Podcast.

Tim and Brian discuss Composer, what you can you do with Composer on a Drupal site, and much, much more, including Use Cases. 

In 2013, a key member of the Drupal community and a core contributor to the Drupal 8 project, Larry Garfield put forth a challenge to "get off the island", urging Drupal devotees to get involved in the wider PHP community to learn, grow and share new ideas. The community responded: Drupal 8 has more than 200 improvements that will bring new capabilities and efficiencies to virtually any type of implementation, large or small and includes the adoption of non-Drupal projects in Drupal 8 core. 

Today, Composer is being used by hundreds and thousands of projects large and small, including Drupal.

Tim's no stranger to Drupal 8 & Composer, having written about both topics on his own blog:

"Composer is here in Drupal 8 and it’s awesome. You can run, develop and deploy your whole Drupal 8 project with Composer. You can add and patch contrib and custom module, as well as themes, profiles and other PHP packages. The drupal/couchdb_statistics module mentioned earlier requires a couchdb client, this will all get pulled in via composer with a single command."

Tim's experience with Drupal comes from approximately 7 years of working with the platform developing and consulting on some of the biggest Drupal sites in the world. He also takes an active role in the Drupal community, maintaining both core and contributed modules. Tim has attended several Drupalcons and he was even Co-Lead for Drupalcon 2011 based in London.

You can find Tim on Twitter or Drupal.org.


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