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Generating an Automatic Style Guide for a Drupal 8 Theme

In this post I wanted to share my experience of integrating an automatic living style guide into a Drupal 8 theme.

Living style guides are a way to document the visual language, colour palettes, and typography of a site or application and help front-end developers transform their code into well described pattern libraries with minimal effort.

MuleSoft + BIRT Integration

I had a look online for 'how to integrate one of the best reporting framework BIRT Framework ( with one of the best ESBs' (i.e. MuleSoft - but couldn't find much. So, after a few trial and errors, I could do some integration on my local, and I thought it's worth sharing it, so I'm writing this blog. This is my first ever tech blog, so if you have any questions then please do get in touch with me!

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