The Website Redesign Project

January 17
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10 Key Concepts to ensure a smooth redesign web development project - A project manager's perspective.

Working at a company that builds websites we get this question all the time, “When should a business update or redesign it’s website?” Well there are several factors one needs to consider such as: the number of visitors, where they are going when visiting and how long they staying; what kind of conversion rate is the site getting; what kind of functionality is your business getting from the site; is the site integrated with your other marketing activities; and, how does your site compare to competitors (aka, does your site look dated or ugly). 

Appnovation’s project managers have seen it all when it comes to web development primarily because they are part of every aspect of a client’s project, serving as the clients main point of contact and coordinating all the resources needed to get the job done. That being said, one of the most common projects they oversee is a company looking to redesign their existing site and take it to the next level. Our project managers no better than anyone what it takes to ensure a smooth redesign of a website and all the factors that companies anticipating such a project should be thinking about before undertaking this  

During this webinar we are going to cover the several major concepts that are related to ensuring a smooth redesign project. Some topics include:

  • Technology considerations
  • Business Analysis and User Experience
  • Design Trends
  • Development and Architecture
  • Quality Assurance

Studies have shown that the majority of people who hear about a company for the first time go online to check them out. And today, with the proliferation of mobile devices, that has become even easier to do, not to mention opens a whole new issue of how a site is viewed on a mobile device. So no matter the purpose of your site, assuming its public and you have a goal of getting others to visit it, its critical to have a well designed, fully functional website that provides a positive user experience and accomplishes your business goals.