Design Aligned: How to Satisfy Every Stakeholder

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Civic Hall, New York, NY

Calling all citizens, agency leaders, volunteers, elected officials and others. Learn how to create designs that satisfy ALL of your objectives and stakeholders. This session will guide attendees through a 4 step design model developed by Appnovation’s experts that focuses on aligning your UX/UI with your end users, data strategy, brand objectives and project goals.

This workshop is for anyone who is involved with the design of a digital solution, at any level, in any industry. Calling all designers, business analysts, movers and shakers and all. Come with your current design challenges and be prepared to participate!



8:30am: Doors open; Refreshments served

9:00am: Welcome from Civic Hall

9:15am: Workshop with Appnovation's Simon Mok

10:00am: Networking

10:30am: Conclusion of Event


About the Speaker

Simon Mok is an adviser, a leader, and a doer with over 25 years of experience in the technology consulting industry. As Appnovation’s Lead Consultant, he streamlines the creation of designs through merging people, processes and technology for non-profit, public and private clients. Currently, he is a BigApps mentor for 2017.