Business Needs Analysis

From development to integration, Appnovation’s Business Needs Analysis experts offer a full analysis of your enterprise ecosystem, delivering a digital strategy to elevate your enterprise.

For every digital question, there’s a digital solution, and for every desired result, there’s a strategy. Analysing your business is the key to learning where your business needs to go. Every business has unique needs, and when we learn what they are, our business analyst consultants look to deliver bespoke results and innovative solutions.

Appnovation’s approach is all about answering your questions, listening to your business requirements, analysing your needs, charting a course, and developing collaborative business strategies, designed to give results. Offering a full analysis of your enterprise ecosystem, from workflows to digital marketing and beyond, our experts will ensure that you follow industry best practices, designing a digital strategy to elevate your enterprise.

Whether you need development and integration, support and maintenance, or any combination of our services, our business needs analysis team has the innovation and the expertise to design, eCommerce or content management, we will drive, and deliver your digital solution. Our digital strategy experts are ready and equipped to listen to your requirements, understand your goals, and map out  digital strategy to facilitate your business success.

Business Needs Analysis Strategy

Digital Vision and Objectives

At Appnovation, we acknowledge how much the ever-evolving digital landscape offers by way of opportunity for your enterprise.

Our team of digital services experts can help you research, create, and deliver a competitive advantage in your preferred market, be it local, continental, or global.

At Appnovation, we have the team who can:

  • Shape your digital transformation
  • Research, shape, and focus your digital strategy
  • Create an innovative and intuitive digital ecosystem for your business
  • Offer solutions for digital challenges and digital needs
  • Offer ongoing support throughout your digital growth
  • Identify digital opportunities for your enterprise

Competitive Audit

Appnovation offers comprehensive competitive audits, designed to ensure that you never lose sight of your competitors. Digital strategy is not just about your online presence, it is about knowing what your competitors are doing, how they are positioning their business, and how you should react and respond within your industry.

To be competitive, you need to know your competitors, and Appnovation’s audit will give you the in-depth knowledge needed to keep your finger on the industry pulse, and the ability to make your digital content unique in style, and compelling for your target audience.Our team can also deliver an audit which identifies stronger competitors, and where you should try to emulate them, as well as weaker competition, and methods to avoid, all to keep you in tune with your customers.

  • Who are your industry competitors?
  • What are they doing well, where are they going wrong?
  • How can you ensure that you stay competitive?
  • What is the digital landscape of your industry?
  • Where are the digital strategy opportunities?
  • Can your digital strategy be informed by trends in other industries?
  • Is your online positioning in step with your competitors?

Additionally, our audit can cover things including customer personas, target market strategies, brand awareness in your industry, and a host of other audit elements, all designed to keep you competitive, and give you a digital solution for your online presence.

Get Digital Ready

Organization Readiness

Being prepared, being ready, being equipped to adapt in an ever changing digital world, all things that your enterprise should never lose sight of. With so many processes, workflows, and existing digital delivery components, most companies need time and expertise to facilitate and deliver true readiness, and that is where Appnovation’s digital company expertise comes in.

Our team of experts thrive on collaborating with clients, identifying readiness indicators, pursuing areas in need of change, and delivering the necessary digital solutions.

Whatever the size of your company, or the reach of your enterprise, organizational readiness is a key part of your success. Regardless of whether it is wholesale changes, or tweaking your existing ecosystem, Appnovation can provide help your enterprise define and develop readiness across:

Company Mission and Values

  • Values that define how your company interacts internally, and within the community
  • Company vision and mission statements (to engage all employees)
  • Growth plans and ongoing growth strategies

Full Company Alignment

  • Leadership and staff readiness for changes/growth
  • Agreement on change strategies, company direction
  • Leadership and staff are prepared to support the change.
  • Cross-functional communication, between leaders, staff and boards

Company Culture and Infrastructure

  • Maintaining positive outlooks across the organization
  • Conflict resolution policies and strategies
  • Creating an adaptable approach to internal role changes

Stakeholder Alignment

At Appnovation, we understand that stakeholder alignment may sound like a frequently used buzzword, but we also know that, and why it matters. Whether it is project times, budget restrictions, or overall company goals and objectives, it’s all about ensuring that all parties understand both the strategy, and the roadmap of the organization.

With a team of business analysts, digital solutions experts, and senior management in our team, Appnovation can work with you to ensure full stakeholder alignment, through a strategic focus on:

Stakeholder Identification

Personalize your content, use names, titles, and always make your communications speak directly to the individual, and make sure you know the roles of people such as:

  • Financial decision-makers
  • Sponsors
  • Strategic decision-makers
  • Champions/Content Promoters
  • Derailers (no veto, but potential to stop project progress)
  • Influencers (opinion makers)
  • Implementers (putting strategies in motion)

With so many stakeholders, it is important to ensure both communication and involvement remain of paramount importance. Appnovation is all about anticipating the needs of stakeholders, delivering bespoke messages defining direct goals, and bringing together a consensus for content and digital strategies.

From inception to implementation, aligning stakeholder alignment is key, and we are a company that knows how to achieve these goals.

DX Strategy: The Big Picture

Digital Opportunities Identification

In an ever-evolving digital landscape, identifying opportunities is key. With so many online competitors, Appnovation’s cross-industry digital experience enables us to find those opportunities, and help you harness the potential of your enterprise.

Some of the major factors for identifying digital opportunities, include:

  • Identify Core and Common Users
  • Determine IT ecosystem and structure
  • Clearly define business benefits of technologies/services/strategies
  • Identify client business needs, offer bespoke digital solutions
  • Understand the business practices within client organizations
  • Present complete digital solutions, directly addressing company needs/problems
  • Present all available technologies, integrations, etc. and advantages of each
  • Deliver Complete Business Needs Documentation
  • Relevant and available technologies options
  • Hardware and Software solutions
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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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Experts at Business Needs Analysis
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Transparent, Collaborative, Communicative
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