the future consumer

The Future Consumer: How Traditional Paradigm Shifts Impact CX

The pace and scale of change ahead of us is unprecedented. Disruptive demographic shifts are looming. For example, some say there will be more women millionaires than men by 2030. Birth rates are declining globally, while a hypermobile, increased aging yet, technologically savvy population will make up for more than half of consumers. As these shifts upend the status quo, so will consumer mindsets, behaviours, attitudes and expectations.

Join Appnovation virtually on 15 June, 10:50AM SGT, at CX Asia Week 2021, as we discuss the paradigm shifts in Asia, and how organisations can anticipate and adapt to design human-centred, customer-driven products, services and experiences.


  • Hema Thiagarajah, VP Client Partner, Asia Pacific, Appnovation
  • Chandni Shah Motwani, Director of Strategy, Asia Pacific, Appnovation