Appnovation Awarded Dutch Government Grant to Deliver GDPR Drupal Module




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October 20
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In another confirmation of Appnovation's commitment to the new GDPR legislation, the Dutch government has awarded the company a grant to develop and deliver a GDPR module for Drupal.

Since the grant was awarded recently, senior members of Appnovation's Drupal development team are currently defining the scope of the module. Initial development discussions show that the most basic requirement of such a module would  be an online checklist. 

Appnovation is of course exploring the more extensive elements, which would help and allow for the automation of as many of the technical requirements of the GDPR as possible. The development team will be working on this module continuously, and release early betas within the next couple of months.  

As with all modular contributions, the team of Drupal developers will maximize usability and functionality, without compromising on security or reliability. 

As the initiative progresses, the project will be detailed on, allowing the module to be delivered, explained and shared among the wider Drupal community, something always at the forefront of Appnovation's commitment to Drupal, and overall open technology development.

Additionally, and in keeping with their commitment to sharing Drupal as widely as possible, Appnovation will of course make this open source module available for use by for everyone. With the GDPR regulations becoming ever more important, this will be a critical addition to Drupal, and one which will enable companies to easily integrate the necessary steps for users.