Appnovation on Business in Vancouver's Top 100 Fastest Growing Companies List

As Appnovation celebrates the company's 10th anniversary, it has also been recognized with another accolade. Named on the Business in Vancouver 2017 Fastest Growing Companies, this particular award is a testament to both the ongoing growth of the company, as well as the continued success of the existing team.

Founder and CEO Arnold Leung continues to drive the company forward, and is rightly proud of the global, as well as local expansion that Appnovation is enjoying:

"We started in Vancouver, we grew in this city, and thanks to the hard work of the last 10 years, we now have a global presence. Our offices in Europe, Asia and across North America all represent our successful growth, but it's always nice to be recognized in the city where it all began, and where our headquarters still remain after all these years"

With this continued growth, Appnovation are well positioned as they expand more into the digital solutions and services providers market, as well as leading the way in Drupal development within, and alongside the wider Drupal community.