Appnovation's 2nd Annual Fundraising Project: Kanambu Clean Water



Corporate Citizenship

July 19
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Apnovation's 2nd Global Fundraising Campaign is Up and Running....

From July 14-August 14th, our employees will be raising money for the Kanambu Clean Water project in Ecuador. 


In 2016, our employees chose WE as a global community engagement partner and committed to building a water system in Kanambu that will provide clean water to families in the community in 2018. Before WE began working with the community of Kanambu, the community only had access to a source of water that was polluted with toxic waste and run-off from the surrounding cities.

Together, our employees can accomplish a lot. #WeDevelopChange by participating in at least one global action per year through our corporate citizenship program.

Last year, our employees raised $5,065 through our WE Step Up fitness challenge and volunteered at WE Day in Vancouver and Montreal. This year, we will be fundraising through a Bingo-themed collection of fundraising, healthy living and environmental challenges.

Here's to another great year, and another great fundraiser....