Business Challenge

Paying rent may seem like a pedestrian occurrence, but for the Valuation Office Agency (VOA), providing a process for their Fair Rent workflow was anything but quotidian. The VOA is a government body in the United Kingdom. The Agency values properties for Council Tax and non-domestic rates in England and Wales. 

The Valuation Office Agency needed to deliver the functionality, they needed to create an online experience to enable Fair Rent (workflow). From operational functionality, to facilitating the sending of data from the digital form to closure point, a digital solution was needed. With a focus on innovative development, but never losing sight of the need to  maintain data integrity, we got to work.

Our Approach & Customer Outcome

As a part of the UK Government, the VOA was part of a nationwide initiative. Goals included integrating systems to ease procurement  of commodity information by public-sector bodies. This was a cross-platform and cross government department initiative, relying on a seamless and integrated digital solution across the IT ecosystem.
An additional requirement was to include all functionality and capabilities for use on the cloud computing system. 

Appnovation implemented a reusable architecture, utilizing a carefully coordinated combination of techs, (Drupal, Alfresco, MuleSoft and Activiti. With this in place for the Fair Rent process, the set up was developed to include inspections, jurisdictions, consultations, dashboards, alongside all necessary components required to complete the valuation of Fair Rent processes. Ultimately delivered was an agile solution with integrated cross-platform functionality. 

VOA Fair Rent