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Register for a webinar, check out a video demo, download a case study or see some of the code we have written. Hopefully whatever you are looking for, you can find it in this section. Appnovation maintains a robust resource library to assist those who visit our site with learning more about how we deliver our solutions and projects for clients.



We have live webinars that you can register for and all of our past webinars are on demand to be viewed any time. Our experts cover a range of topics including tips and trends, emerging technologies, working with our partners, case studies of our projects and much much more...
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case studies and premium case studies

Case Studies

All the information about the projects we have delivered for clients is can be found right here. Our team pulls together all the details and puts in a clear and concise format for you to find out anything about what we did, how we did it and who we did it for.
Download and get the details of our projects.



Would you like to learn more? Appnovation’s eBooks have been compiled by our experts and cover a variety of recent and relevant concepts so that those who are interested can gain both a general overview and a deeper knowledge about such subjects as redesigning your website, considering using HTML5 for a project, a user’s experience and much much more. Each eBook presents the topic using an array of content, graphs, charts, tables, illustrations and/or images to support the overall concept and highlight important points.  

code snippets

Code Snippets

Our experts have developed code on various projects that we thought might be helpful to others. We have put it here to share with all want it.
See what we have written and feel free to use it.



Explore our growing collection of videos to learn more about Appnovation and how we can help you elevate your open source game.

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