Exploring the Changing Nature of the Patient-Healthcare Professional Relationship

Patients who feel like they are being continuously protected and monitored by their healthcare providers through smart technology utilization will not only be amenable to building closer relationships with their providers, they will also benefit from better traditional and holistic patient outcomes.

 – Anton Morrison, Vice President, Experience Design

Accustomed to and empowered by the experiences that other industries like retail offer, the consumer mindset is shifting. Consumers are not demanding better online access, they are also expecting personalized experiences. The discrepancies in the cost associated with healthcare and coverage provided by insurance providers isn’t helping the current state of engagement. 

With technology driving the change that is to become the new standard in the evolving patient-healthcare professional relationship, we've highlighted five key areas as it pertains to ...

  • The current state of patient engagement
  • Three keys trends influencing consumer mindset
  • Considerations to adopting a patient-first model
  • Embracing virtual health
  • Implementing personalization technology

About the Author

Anton specializes in User Experience Design. Since 2012, he’s been leading cross-functioning digital teams, delivering large scale projects for clients like BBC, Nissan, Pfizer and Visit California. He takes pride in making projects enjoyable, productive and successful while helping clients make decisions based on insight and expertise. 


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