Drupal + HTML5 + CSS3 + JS = Rich Internet Apps

October 6, 2016
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Drupal + HTML5 + CSS3 + JS = Rich Internet Apps

The mobile market is soaring in popularity and more websites are being viewed on handheld devices. By developing your standard Drupal website into a rich internet App with HTML5, you can get your piece of the pie. Your company's Drupal site can take advantage of this trend and not for a lot of money. Tackle issues like cross-browser and cross-platform compatibility, while still looking and functioning like a desktop application. Combining HTML5 and Drupal is the key to solving most, if not all your mobile problems. By adding HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, Drupal sites are now able to satisfy several mobile roadblocks: content management, user interface, cross-browser/cross-platform compatibility, native app behavior, development time and much more.

This eBook covers several key concepts related to building a rich internet App with Drupal & HTML5:

  • Making your Drupal site a rich internet App Making a website cross-browser compatible
  • Making a website look and behave like a desktop application
  • Making the application work on Android, iOS and Windows Phones Updating and adding new features