Adweek, Appnovation & Contentful Webinar

Customer loyalty is reserved for brands that succeed in engaging with audiences based on shared values.

Supported by technological advances, customer behaviour around the world is constantly evolving. Loyalty is hard to earn and even harder to retain. Delivering an omni-channel experience doesn’t just create a competitive advantage – it ensures sustained growth. With customers going mobile-first and indulging in wearable technology, your current content strategies need to be adapted and turbocharged. In this webinar hosted by Adweek along with our partner Contentful, we addressed some of the most pressing challenges organizations around the globe face and key solutions;

  • Taking the conversation to where your customers are in the virtual world

  • Evolving with customer expectations and behaviour

  • Brand building and why it is more important now than ever

  • Content atomization and its importance in delivering a personalized omni-channel experience

  • How the right tech stack is a game-changer