User Experience & Your Company Website


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January 17
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User Experience & Your Company Website

Today one of the first places a person goes to find about any company or organization is the internet and that has become even easier with the proliferation of mobile devices. So whether someone visits your company through a computer or mobile device, their user experience is critical to how your business or organization is perceived and ultimately going to help determine if they will become a customer, client, subscriber, loyal follower, donator or, at the very least, a return visitor. A lot of factors go into how your website is experienced by individuals who visit. Taking into account how they are going to experience your site before they even get there is a great place to start. But once they get to the site, companies and organizations have to consider a multitude of things such as:

  • allowing users to complete tasks without interruption;
  • creating efficient processes;
  • making content informative and concise;
  • using visuals strategically; being credible and trustworthy;
  • and much much more…..

During this webinar our experts discuss and, in some cases, demonstrate the top 10 aspects of user experience that need to be addressed by companies looking to provide the best user experience possible for visitors to their sites. They also recommend best practices as well as introduce the latest trends that every business or organization should be aware of when it comes to user experience and visitors to their site.