Using Data Analytics for Better Health Decisions

Earlier this year, we published a post, Introducing UX Thought Leadership for Life Sciences, Pharma & Healthcare, which started the discussion about how technology can drive innovation and growth amongst many different industries. 

As promised, we’re excited to share with you Using Data Analytics for Better Health Decisions, the first of a three-part thought leadership series, authored by Anton Morrison, VP of Experience Design at Appnovation.  Anton has been creating effective digital experiences and strategies for some of the world’s most recognizable brands for over 20+ years. His expertise runs seamlessly through design strategy, user experience, with an excellent track record of effective client relationships. 

Here's a sneak peek into what Anton discusses in this publication:

The Current State of Healthcare Decisioning: What’s the Problem?

The current set of tools in the market don’t always make it easy or intuitive for healthcare professionals to access the facts and figures they need to make informed decisions – regardless of where they practice. With rising healthcare costs, the industry is endeavouring to do more with less, while still achieving positive patient outcomes. So, how do healthcare technology professionals improve healthcare information systems so that doctors and clinicians can access high-quality, easily understood and actionable data? 

Leveraging Data Analytics to Make Better Decisions

Integrated, user-friendly healthcare information systems help professionals access high-quality, easily understood and actionable data. There’s also plenty of opportunity for health systems to use technology and data analytics in new and innovative ways to reduce the cost of delivering and financing high-quality and effective care for patients. Finally, exponential advances and interoperability in digital technologies are helping clinicians deliver healthcare services in ways that consumers prefer to receive them.

Snapshot of Cost Savings

Leveraging data analytics to make better decisions is not a luxury in today’s rapidly evolving world of healthcare. It’s a necessity. Better quality data is good for everyone – providers, payers and patients alike. Improving patient care and saving money has a lot to do with foreseeing possible outcomes.

Predictive analytics, using machine learning and artificial intelligence, can contribute to everything from reducing hospital readmissions to improving supply chain efficiencies. Health executives who use predictive analytics estimate their cost savings at over 15% over five years.

The Now and the Future: Data-Driven Healthcare

Learn how five key concepts can help healthcare professionals easily evaluate which analytic tool or data management system will work best for their needs.

Download Using Data Analytics for Better Health Decisions to find out more about the future of data-driven healthcare and what it can mean for your health business.

How is data analytics being used today in your healthcare business?

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