Data, Analytics & Insight

Appnovation was the right strategic choice for Visit California. The company’s creativity and innovation will allow us to continue to Dream Big through our digital marketing program, while sharing the California lifestyle through compelling content and an engaging online experience.

Caroline Beteta

President & CEO, Visit California

How we help

  • Provide assistance to clients with any aspect of their data including modeling, warehousing, migration, discovery, analysis, interpretation and visualization as well as such aspects related to data as cloud, machine learning and artificial intelligence.    

  • Our guidance, designs and builds, when it comes to data solutions, are grounded in practicality and scalability, able to grow and expand the client desires or requires.

  • Every engagement, at its core, is planned and delivered so as to enable and/or enhance the client’s ability to make better, more timely and accurate decisions.

  • Leverage data to do things like: create more personalized experiences; customize offers and promotions; enhance, or create new, products or services; conceptualize and design better processes; provide better customer or employee services; improve operational effectiveness and reduce fraud and risk; and, much much more.  

Data, Analytics & Insight

Possibility discovered, captured, analyzed and interpreted

Data assistance delivered in so many ways, from helping organizations tap new sources, scale new storage environments and centralize its location to producing models, creating visuals and deciphering what it all means. We thrive on being able to help companies surface the smallest detail while also enabling them to see the big picture for themselves and beyond. Our experts create practical digital data and analytics solutions with scalability always in mind, pressing to provide as much insightful information to our clients with every choice made so as to enable better, more accurate and timely decision making.  Essentially, Appnovation’s data, analytics and insights services are geared towards brands looking to solve business problems through getting more, learning more and doing more with their data.

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When it comes to getting more from your digital data, there is no better consultancy firm than Appnovation to help. Already working with some of the biggest brands on the planet, Appnovation is able to provide not only valuable insights into the data that you are already looking at, but also provide access to new and different sources of data not currently being captured by your enterprise. 

We partner with you and your team and work together to identify the most meaningful sources of data, how to capture and collect the information produced and, produce actional intelligence from the findings so that your business can make better, more real-time decisions. Complete the form, email us at or contact one of our many global office locations today and let's get started helping your company make better, faster decisions with your data.