UX for Millennials

Millennials are a group of people categorized based on their generation, which has been defined as those who were born from 1980 to 2000.

As the largest generation in American history, millennial consumers are a subject of fascination for companies. With a rapidly growing purchasing power, the members of this group are estimated to have spending worth $10 trillion over their lifetimes. On track to becoming one of the most educated generations to date, they are poised to take over upper-level management positions within their careers. In addition to being a source of great economic power, millennials are significant in their roles as trendsetters, being ahead of the curve in terms of adapting to technological advancements.

Serving millennials is an important undertaking for companies to not only stay relevant but maintain a loyal customer base as this generation ages and begin to grow in wealth and consumer power.

User experience is all about reducing frustration. The digital experience directly impacts both growth and business value in addition to margin, customer equity, and cost of consumer acquisition. Users are looking for an easy to use, beautifully designed, unique experience, that’s also mobile optimized.

This is more important than ever, with more than $2 billion of Black Friday sales were done on smartphones this year, now accounting for just over one-third of Black Friday’s $6.2 billion in online sales — versus 29.1 percent in 2017.

Like your social networking profiles, your site shouldn't be stagnant and unchanging. Design is among the key worldly differentials for Apple. Excellent design isn't only a solution, it's the elimination of the issues for your customer.

Content first design is a must in place of a choice to find the experience right. When you've created your cellular design is when you should begin contemplating desktop and tablets. The primary one is that mobile design should be simpler. Mobile-friendly web design reveals a variety of benefits, a few of which are more critical than regular small business owners might suggest.

Building a User Experience

Millennials are revolutionizing every industry with their new methods of making big life decisions - from wedding planning to investment decisions. For companies who want to make sure they remain relevant and important amongst this new generation, the most important part is understanding what the challenges and needs of millennials are.

The Do’s

Remember that millennial users have EXPECTATIONS. It’s your job to try and meet them:

  • Easy navigation, easy to use. A one-stop-shop for users.

  • Get Social. Content they like can be easily shared. That means seamless integration with all social sites.

  • Great content. Engages, provides value, has useful and informative content.

  • Make it look good. Polished and professional.

  • Community/User Generated Content. Fosters deep connections between a brand and the greater community. Members share their stories, creating a clear picture of what the brand can offer. It becomes a real, dynamic marketing medium as opposed to something contrived by high paid execs- real stories from real people motivated to share their knowledge.

  • Personalization. Make it easier for customers to discover, and consume what they want...and done in the way how, and when they want. In the process, it increases engagement, reduces cognitive load, enhances discoverability and makes task completion more efficient for the user.

The Don’ts

These are the top high-level complaints when it comes to mobile UX:

  1. Unreliable.

  2. Hard to use.

  3. Slow.

  4. Doesn't respect conventions. For example, Apple conventions are different than Android and Windows.

  5. Doesn't work on the move.

By integrating these aspects to their sites, companies can ensure that their brand will grow alongside millennials as they move from one big life event to the next, capturing what this generation of people find important.


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