Content is king, as the saying goes, and this adage seems to be just as relevant as ever as we lurch into 2019 

Let's just take 3 initial points, and take a quick look....

  • Content Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Multi-Channel Marketing

Content Marketing

One major consideration would be to finely tune, define, and focus on the style and form of content you want to deliver, in tandem with the intended audience of the material, and the number of views, shares, etc. you are aiming for. Regardless of what industry you're in, your content should remain fresh, relevant, and frequent, something which will come into sharp focus in 2019. 

As a forward-looking company, Appnovation sees marketing content as an important arrow in the company quiver. which is why we  have carefully constructed advertising plans for 2019, focusing on trends, industry shifts, technical innovations, and digital solutions. 

With the ever-evolving nature of digital technology, audiences now expect to stay informed about anything from industry trends, to new products and services, and all things related to any brand or company they chose to follow or subscribe to content about. Thus, in 2019, the marketing ideal is not only to attract and sign new clients, it is to carefully and thoughtfully nurture existing relationships, delivering as much content aimed at those existing clients as the prospective ones. Appnovation is a technology and digital solutions providing leader, so keeping clients aware of their digital solution options in a rapidly accelerating technology market, is not just savvy marketing, it is essential communication.

Social Media Marketing

As we are all aware, sharing on social media has a large impact for content exposure, so utilizing all company platforms is a tactic that can easily widen the net for your audience. 

Where some brands generate a great deal of influence and response on Instagram, not all content can be used for all social media platforms. Discerning how, when, and on which of your accounts to publicize content is crucial both in terms of the audience you wish to reach, as well as the relevance of each individual piece of content. 

Even within our own company, we make sure we research, embrace, and introduce new technical solutions for our workforce, as well as our clients and partners, all of which we share across our social media platforms. Whereas many different technical solutions can be considered effective, social media marketing is also about providing the most  digestible content appropriate, as well as the most digitally suitable format, another element of content personalization within the marketing arena. 

In 2019, with an increasing number of marketers fighting for the exact same audience, we are likely to observe a shift towards super niche content, content personalization, and more target marketing across both traditional, as well as emerging platforms. When it comes to social media output, this shift is something which should drive output, shape content, and inform strategies. Digital marketing, to put it simply, can't be ignored, is seemingly unstoppable, and always in search of the next great marketing tool, platform, message, or content, and marketing content inertia is simply not an option. 

Multi-Channel Marketing

Multi-channel marketing is now one of the most entrenched, fundamental strategies, where online marketing makes it possible for you to both reach your ideal target market, it can be done cost-effectively, avoiding the need to promote your products and services to people outside your industry or market. 

Content marketing is still a critical part of digital marketing, and has undoubtedly become an integral part of running successful marketing campaigns. VR and AR marketing are still considered emerging, so it is an excellent time to explore your choices and get ahead of the marketing curve for 2019.

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