For the past 2 years, Appnovation has supported WE (formerly Free the Children) as our global community engagement partner, voted upon by our staff. This partnership was formed as part of our Corporate Citizenship program, to stimulate employee engagement, conversations about important issues, and charitable giving amongst our Appno communities.


WE’s mission is to empower individuals to make an impact, be it locally or globally, by supporting causes that are vital to development. The organization emphasizes including companies and CSR programs into the movement. As a WE Company, Appnovation is committed to supporting fundraising, volunteering, and advocacy where we practice business, as well as internationally.

This month we’re launching the WE Play Trivia campaign. This challenge is web based, so all global staff members can participate. We'll be hosting 4 different trivia rounds throughout the month of September providing participants with a CrossFit workout for their brains, with questions on multiples topics, from creative to critical, language, sports, history, or random facts. 

Our staff voted and selected to help build a clean water system in Kanambu, Ecuador, with other WE partners. This project helps support the pillar of clean water under the WE Villages model. Appnovators have raised $10,655 to date towards this initiative! WE Play Trivia and our connection to Kanambu is just one way in which we can demonstrate our social responsibility of giving back. 

We have, of course, sweetened the pot by offering prizes to employees with the most questions answered and donations raised by September 30; the best prize, however, will be our collective impact in supporting clean water in Ecuador. 

And, with any good spirited competition, the smack-talkin has already begun by certain teams that won't be named here Sales. But can they back it up? Will their reign continue? Or will it end with the most bitter of desserts- humble pie. Stay tuned for updates on this challenge and how it all unfolds! 





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