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Now that the dust has settled from DrupalCon, which took place in New Orleans about 6 weeks ago, it’s time to take a look at some of the highlights.


This is the executive guide to Managed Services.

Last week Appnovation was invited to attend the Sesame Workshop Annual Benefit Dinner, honouring the hard work and dedication of the organization’s private and personal supporters and raising funds for the organization (more than $2 million was raised!).

Complexity with front end development is growing because of the requirement to make more feature rich and engaging applications for users.

Sometimes you don’t want to use taxonomy for a building node structures of a tree, as it creates huge problems when you're trying to export them as features and involves things like UUID, which is not perfect yet.

MuleSoft ESB has a cool way of connecting with various applications like Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox etc. Cool, but I found it difficult to configure the connector to try for a simple scenario.


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