Appnovation is moving shared services to the next level — looking to integrate departments like human resources, finance, operations, IT, supply chain, and/or other business administrative services into a single, high-performance fully functional shared services center or operation.

Shared services within organizations, especially in their IT departments or software development groups, are facing new  and ever-changing pressures including swiftly changing internal customer support patterns, technology disruption, alternative forms of services delivery like cloud providers and outsourcing, labor, resourcing and human capital issues and more, adding up to a challenging climate for any shared services center or operation.

To this end, being able to effectively design, develop and deliver a quality shared services center or operation has become a most critical factor for the future success of any enterprise level entity.

Appnovation is moving shared services to the next level — looking to integrate departments like human resources, finance, operations, IT, supply chain, and/or other business administrative services into a single, high-performance fully functional shared services center or operation. Showing such results as significantly reduced overhead and much lower costs to streamlined vendor relationships and ongoing cross-functional continuous improvement, Appnovation clients are finding plenty of benefits to the shared services approach.

Shared Services Model Experts

Challenging legal and economic conditions are motivating a proliferation in shared services centers and/or operations as a means to realize reduced costs and greater efficiency. Furthermore, specifically today, globally, there are now more enterprises possessing shared services operations that support multiple functions rather than those doing only a single function.

Shared services is an operating model that delivers corporate support, consolidating and combining services from the headquarters and other business units into a distinct operating entity based on market-like principles.

Principles of Shared Services include:

  • Price Transparency - each service is priced and therefore business units can determine how much they want.
  • Market Responsiveness - business units determine the levels of service they want, not what employees think they need.
  • Business Management - not managed like a fixed cost, but more managed like a business unit, providing services internally and even potentially externally.
  • Proliferation of Best Practices - identify and install best practices globally
  • Services Culture - treatment of business units as customers, offering services they value and charging for them
  • Standardized Processes - create simplified processes that are standard, maintained and can be improved upon swiftly  

A shared services center or operation must be able to compete strongly and consistently with outside vendors. Business units operate normally under marketplace governance in all other respects — they must be open and have the freedom to look for support and other services offerings that meet the same types of tests.

Proprietary ways of doing things and the culture of the corporation are on the outside looking in while best practices have the inside track, if the business units are to gain competitive advantage.

Internal customers are the buyers and can dictate their service needs and services providers must be able to meet those requirements, and those provides can expect to have their offerings (even their ability to offer) evaluated using key performance indicators and measurable criteria.

When so organized and operated, the shared-services center becomes like another business unit, viewed and managed just like an outside vendor would be, with no alternative but to be competitive on pricing and level of services provided.

Shared Services Model Consulting

Appnovation’s Shared Services Consulting Team’s primary goal is to plan, build and support Shared Services Centers to become extremely effective and efficient, top quality providers of services, exceeding even the most demanding of customer expectations.

Our experts have hands-on experience from years of shared services center setups, change management projects, process re-designs and organizational restructurings.

Our consulting services are tailored to meet the engagements needs and challenges that share services center operations face, while at the same time offer outstanding guidance in managing stakeholders, the project, migration, initial and ongoing performance, change and communication.

Furthermore, our consultants can help you and your organization with strategic planning, design, implementation, and improvement, using their deep cross-functional expertise. Throughout the process, we will work with you collaboratively and with the greatest transparency to ensure your shared services project’s success.

A focus on getting results that can include:

  • Growth Acceleration through the ability to integrate companies more rapidly, enter new markets quicker, launch products and service lines faster, manage costs and pricing better, and perform much deeper prospect, customer and market intelligence
  • Organization simplification that frees up managers’ time to focus on better serving customers, standardizing business processes, motivating employees and raising their expertise, and getting employees to concentrate on what they can do best
  • Lowering of costs significantly through a combination of wage reductions, decreased vendor spends and infrastructure consolidations.  
  • Greater focus on the customer by aligning all parts of the shared services center(s)/operations to revolve around adding value and doing what is best for the customer.
Shared Services Model Consultants

For the creation of new or refinement of an existing shared services operation, Appnovation uses our deep and expansive consulting expertise to compare and contrast your current state operation with industry best practices, results and our expert’s own experiences.

Equipped with this valuable information and analysis, Appnovation can help your organization build the right solution to handle a specific business problem or need, or create an operations-wide business transformation strategy to help your shared services center become a best in class operation as well as greatly accelerating time to value.

Appnovation will help you and your organization:

  • Build a best in class project and program management office and/or capabilities to better control such initiative critical things as cost, scope, time and quality of your own internal projects
  • Learn how to effectively manage, deploy and best human capital and technological resources
  • Determine the appropriate investments, organization, infrastructure, technologies and tools to support the various processes and procedures necessary for your shared services center/operation
  • Run training and skills development workshops targeted at your organization’s and its people’s specific needs
  • Create a fully functioning, efficient and effective operational model
  • Form the leadership, governance and agility needed to guarantee continued success

Shared Services Center - Planning, Design & Build

  • Provide blueprint for creating a successful shared services center/operation.
  • Define and refine the company’s organizational and operational strategy
  • Design and develop the implementation plan
  • Include and incorporate change management in the setup phase of the project
  • Construction of a shared services framework and stakeholder alignment/management
  • Mature a recruitment and onboarding approach
  • Implementation and migration risks assessment
  • Enable access to government grants

Project Management Migration

  • Save the organization and its people time by avoiding common missteps and pitfalls.
  • Present migration management best practices toolkit
  • Support stakeholder alignment and relationship management  
  • Outline required change management stages and platforms
  • Define organizational requirements and supply knowledge transfer and a work-shadowing guide
  • Evaluate and tailor the migration and risk assessment frameworks
  • Assist in accessing government financial grants

Existing Design & Processes - Overhaul, Transformation and Improvement

  • We can perform high level assessment interviews, organizational analysis and in-depth workshops.
  • Performance gap analysis
  • Organizational and process redesign
  • Simplification and standardization of processes and procedures
  • Set of meaningful metrics and KPIs
  • Improved relationship/partnering between shared services center/operation and business unit
  • Stakeholder, managerial and employee strategic agreement and alignment
  • Introduce and assist in executing culture change


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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes

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