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Appnovation’s omni-channel strategy experts can create and deliver the seamless holistic experience that connected customers want at their fingertips.

As the digital landscape becomes ever more far-reaching and multi-layered, creating digital disruption to existing sales models, having an omni-channel marketing strategy is critical. A well thought out and expertly structured omnichannel strategy ensures that retailers can connect with customers across multiple physical, as well as digital channels, allowing them to deliver on their brands’ explicit and implicit promises.

It’s all about creating and delivering an integrated online eCommerce experience, based on a combination of multi-channel user experiences across mobile, desktop, telephone, and even in the good old brick and mortar store.

Appnovation’s digital solutions experts have the experience to not only deliver an omni-channel strategy, but to ensure that it speaks directly to the need of your customer base. Unlike multi-channel sales (which is simply trying to maximise the sales on each of those channels), the approach to developing this strategy is fully focused around the customer user experience, and how important this to drive  your sales.

Omni-Channel Solutions Delivery

Channel Ecosystem & Integration

From networks to devices, mobile analytics to mobile performance management tools, the omni-channel ecosystem is one of many components.

The reality is that consumers are not just looking for, but demanding streamlined shopping experiences, delivering the ability to move from shopping in-store to online with seamless efficiency. As Appnovation’s experience of digital solution delivery can attest, it’s all about constructing and integrating platforms that no only support and work with each other, but work towards achieving the same business goals.

With a personalized ecosystem integration strategy, Appnovation can help you achieve greater capabilities across many areas, including:

  • Personalized customer experiences
  • Omni channel retail on all digital platforms
  • Superior customer service experiences
  • Targeted/relevant retail offers
  • Repeat and greater sales-per-visit business opportunities
  • Consumer purchasing pattern data analysis

With all this information, and a careful analysis of data gathered by integrated systems, Appnovation can identify where, when and what consumers are buying, and how they are behaving on your site. In turn, this provides your company with the chance to improve purchasing decisions, efficiently schedule company resources, and develop highly targeted and informed marketing campaigns.  

Our digital strategy service is also important in helping your business your business keep up to date with emerging technologies, growing trends, and new processes in the eCommerce arena. Whether it is personalized in-store services, buy online and pick-up in-store processing, mobile offers/vouchers, or any omni channel ecosystem component, we can help you identify, optimize, and deliver.

Put simply, without an integrated ecosystem, your omnichannel retail goals could be both derailed or worse, move your sales potential backwards. Whatever your specific  business goals may be, our team of digital channel integration experts will collaborate with your team to understand those goals, and deliver full integration across your existing ecosystem, or advise how to create a new one.

Omni-Channel Marketing Strategy

Physical & Digital Environment

Integrating both your physical and digital environments is an important part of the omni-channel strategy.

From a physical point of sales to mobile platforms, across loyalty and reward promotions and beyond, your eCommerce strategy needs to be focused on customer experiences across the buying spectrum.

End-to-end Experience

When focusing on customer retention, the end to end customer experience is both important and valuable. Looking at, and understanding the interactions between your customers and your enterprise, is a key component in delivering a better user experience, and heightening customer satisfaction.

An end to end experience can relate to, or include the customer experience, brand experience, and product experience, so it it important to deliver a seamless user experience across all elements of your website.

Channel Effectiveness

The online retail landscape is ever changing, and for many online merchants, keeping up with that constant innovation can be difficult. The constant motion of eCommerce advances continues to transform consumer behaviors and, simultaneously, heighten expectations.

As retailers look to find new ways of engaging with their consumer base, they must keep all their platforms both fresh and seamless, be it online, in store, social media or omni channel.

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Competitive Rates & Project Quotes
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