AlproShop - Developed an eCommerce platform to create a new stream of revenue generation
Developed an eCommerce platform to create a new stream of revenue generation

Creating a proof-of-concept to validate the growing direct-to-consumer (D2C) market as a new revenue generation stream.

  • Creating consistent and superior experiences from a brand and user experience (UX) perspective
  • Scalability and flexibility with analytical capabilities were essential
  • Integration with multiple fulfillment partners

A consistent and seamless CX supported by a scalable tech stack.

  • Redesigned the UX to remove friction and deliver a consistent brand experience
  • Leveraged Shopify suite of apps to develop a theme with editable content blocks for increased flexibility 
  • Enabled advanced analytics to support better targeting now and personalization in the future
  • Created the ability to integrate with localized fulfillment partners when they launched in different markets

Exceeded their ambitious revenue target. Two months post-launch, Alpro witnessed:

  • 33.9% increase in revenue generation 
  • 349.1% increase in total orders placed
Having worked with us on our brand website, the team at Appnovation knew that continuous improvement is significantly important to us as a company – and we are particular about using technology that enables this. The team’s approach while recommending the tech stack that would support continuous improvement impressed us once again.
Ralph Umrel
International Digital Experience Manager
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Alpro customer

Alpro – a global pioneer of plant-based products for over 40 years – has been producing delicious, high-quality food and drinks made from soy, almonds, rice, oats, and more. 

With the D2C market gaining significant popularity, they needed to gauge their customers’ willingness to buy directly from them. While the goal was to create a proof-of-concept that would help them analyze customer preferences, test, and learn, they also needed it to be easily scalable and flexible. The ability to integrate multiple localized fulfillment partners and create targeted customer experiences (CX) was critical. Always thinking ahead, Alpro wanted to ensure that they could extend the solution to other markets upon success.


The success of the D2C channel depended upon the ability to deliver a seamless CX, which required a two-pronged approach addressing their UX and tech stack. We began by understanding their customers’ priorities and designing an experience that eliminated friction and enabled better targeting. We also recommended moving to a platform designed to support eCommerce – like Shopify. The Shopify suite of apps gave them the flexibility to better scale, analyze, and integrate with their fulfillment partners.


Alpro Shop Web Mockup

Two months post-launch, Alpro had the numbers to confirm the D2C approach’s potential as a successful revenue generation stream and contribute to their business acceleration program. As a result, they are now working on scaling this solution to serve B2B customers better.

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