BC Ministry of Health
Optimizing Healthcare Workforce Data for Swift Decision-Making.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, those working on the frontlines to keep the population safe were also some of the most at-risk to contract the virus themselves. The province of British Columbia needed a centrally-managed platform to track all the facilities that a healthcare worker might work at and assign them to a single site,  in order to help manage the spread.


We were engaged by the BC Ministry of Health and the Health Employers Association of BC to quickly build a website to collect facility and single site preference information from healthcare workers, all while prioritizing data security. The entire system was purpose-built around data protection, including encryption and anonymization, ensuring all data was hosted on Canadian servers.


The initial site was launched in just six days. Since then, the site has collected staffing data of over 100,000 BC-based healthcare workers and cross-referenced it with schedules from over 1,200 facilities.

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